Establishing Yourself on Facebook – Part 2

Establishing Yourself On Facebook (Part 2)

 While Pages offer us a commercial venue on Facebook, they make it challenging to appear in fans’ newsfeeds organically. To increase your chances of being seen, post high quality, engaging content frequently. Facebook rewards Pages that post new content (at least once a day) and content that has fans liking, sharing and commenting. Give your fans a reason to pay attention and get involved. However, according to the TOS you cannot encourage them “to upload your cover to their personal timelines” or “to inaccurately tag content (ex: don’t encourage people to tag themselves in photos if they aren’t in the photo).

What can you do to get your content seen by more fans/readers? You can ask them to not only ‘Like’ you but also click on ‘Get Notifications’ under the ‘Like’ drop down menu (see my Facebook page for an illustration –

There are several other ways to use Facebook to connect with your readers. The first is to run a contest, which I strongly suggest you run from a Page and not a Profile to avoid violating the Terms of Service. You must acknowledge that Facebook “in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered” the contest (Section E, Item 1.c.) Also, you can ask people to enter by liking the post, and your Page, but you may not require them to share on their Profile or Page to enter (or to receive additional entries.)

Secondly, you can create a private/secret group on Facebook and invite your street team members and super fans to join. In this group, you can pass on ‘inside’ news and information before you release it to the public, as well as promo material. It’s a great way to make your fans feel special and to encourage them to engage on your Page. The more your readers engage with your posts, the more likely it is for other readers to see them. And when readers post on your wall or comment on your posts (particularly when you are first starting out) try to comment back or answer questions when you can.

In conclusion, to take best advantage of the behemoth that is Facebook, a Page offers more options for promotion and analytics, which help you target your marketing more effectively. Combined with the social aspect of the site, Facebook is an ideal way to stay in touch with your fans, promote your books and introduce yourself to new readers.



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