Finding Love, Socially – Part 1

Finding Love, Socially

Part 1

 If you’re a writer, social media isn’t just a tool for promotion. Using a Contemporary setting in your novels requires you to layer in the trappings of modern life. Social media is a big part of that, so it’s important to know the tech savvy ways of finding love online, the key to writing believable stories. So, let’s start with the basic sites where Cupid is the main focus.

Millennials are finding love via the social app Tinder ( Tinder allows you search through profile photos of potential love interests in your area. You swipe left on the screen when you don’t like someone, and right when you do. If the person you like swipes right on your photo as well, then you have a match!

With a reported 2 billion matches made since its inception, it’s one of the go-to apps for finding a mate. They recently introduced Tinder Plus, a premium service where you can ‘undo’ your last left swipe if your finger didn’t mirror your attraction. With the ‘passport’ option you can change your destination to anywhere in the world to swipe right and chat with others in locations you intend to visit, might visit, or if you just want to make ‘friends’ worldwide. Tinder was even the focus of an Atlanta Hawks game night where they set up a ‘love lounge’ and had roses available for swipe right matches that wanted to meet up in person.

Tinder is sometimes used for ‘hooking up’ for the night, and in the Olympic Village at Sochi athletes exploited that feature. Tinder also allows you to find out more about a person and actually cyber stalk them. You can take a screenshot of someone’s Tinder picture and then use Google images to see if it finds any matches on the web. In this way you can locate Instagram, Twitter or other social media profiles connected to that one individual The creepy stalker plot potential is infinite.

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